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EROCON SERVICES – Erose cutting edge technology and expertise in imparting education are being sought by both existing and emerging school in order to bring about excellence in their performance Erose undertakes both faculty development in existing school and overall initiation of emerging school.

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The biggest concern to Open a CBSE School is to understand the dyamics of this field. The question like how to open a CBSE school, How to Start a CBSE School , How to do Project planning for CBSE School, The procedures to open a CBSE School, What are the expenses involved in opening a CBSE School, What are the procedures and complainces to open a CBSE school, How to get experience team to help start a CBSE School, Which is the best school consultants team available in India, How to preapare a feasibility report for CBSE school, How to prepare a CBSE school project report . All these are need and ingredients to open a cbse school or understand the complete dynamics new school setup. EROCON will help you understand and guide you for new school setup right from project planning phase to Commissioning of school.

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PACKAGE1 Project Planning & Feasibility report

PACKAGE-2 Detailed Project Report

PACKAGE-3 Architectural design????? & Infrastructure planning

PACKAGE-4 Start up and Commissioning of New School?

PACKAGE-5 School Audit and Quality Control, Post Commissioning

PACKAGE-6 Restructuring and Rebranding of Existing School

PACKAGE-7 CBSE Affiliation Guidance and Procedures

PACKAGE-8 CCE Training & Certification for teachers by CBSE authorised agency

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