The proposed school ‘BEYOND HORIZON’ is an initiative of socially sensitized educationalist and Erose Educational Infotech Limited as its support partner with a view to provide quality education to prepare its pupil form their chosen carrier. The school is committed for its social responsibility towards underprivileged by providing subsidized education and coaching.


The genesis of the school lies ‘Return to the society what you owe to it.’ the school is to be set up at Bhitri a historical town in Ghazipur district of Uttar Pradesh situated 40 km from spiritual city, Varansi. The town has seen many upheavals of history right form Gupta period. Digging at places by archeological survey of India and a pillar of time is testimony of it. The town and area has given upbringing to many personalities who left their in all walks of life. The names of Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed Ansari, Veer Abdul Hameed, Pandit Ravi Shankar, Dr. Rahi Masoom Raza, Dr. Jitendra Pathak and Dr. Bhoola Nath Tiwari and Hamid Ansari (Vice President) are well known. There is a long list of people who played a leading role in freedom struggle, but unfortunately the town did not get is due that it gave in shapping the people with few exceptions.

A group of people under the leadership of Mr. S.A.S Kirmani, a well known educationalist whose service have been availed by reputed and prominent schools nationally and internally pledged to dedicate themselves for the people of the town. Among many community schemes of good public school was on priority. The group has state of art technology in running and setting up schoos. They have the professional expertise in the field, but setting a school requires funds for land and construction. The land for the purpose has been provided by Mr. S.A.S Kirmani and his family members on a along lease to meet the first and second phase requirement as mentioned further in the Project layout. The marked land is the heart of the town and is well connected to main roads on two sides. Additionally land shall be acquired for the third phase of the project. The Meadows Foundation Trust has been entrusted the task to raise and generate funds