Organizational News

RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT CELL The R&D cell of Erose is highly active and dynamic, It is constantly studying the ever-changing trend of various competitive examinations and evolving unique system of deviant courses to suit the individual requirements. The cell has incorporated innovations and radical approaches to modem education to ensure a smooth transition from the Board Examination to the Competitive Examination.


The faculty at Erose is a perfect blend of Academicians, Engineers and Professionals. These highly experienced and brilliant faculty members are guiding spirit behind the success of the Organisation. Their years of experience and skill effectively prepare the students to accept and prepare for the highly competitive examinations. The faculty also fosters an environment where the students are encouraged to sort out their difficulties and problems.
Erose has a distinct feature in dealing with the syllabus of entrance examinations. Faculty members specialized in different areas of Physics, Chemistry and Maths teach their specialized topics to the students. This ensures focused and specialised teaching and learning which is essentially required for entrance examinations.



We at Erose believe that teaching without testing is incomplete. Therefore, the specific needs and abilities of the aspirants are identified through the intense testing and evaluation system. The progress of the student is monitored through a series of ‘Unit Tests’ and ‘Periodical Tests’. Students are also subjected to ‘Surprise Tests’ to gauge the Exam preparedness.



An integrated approach is essential for studying for the highly competitive and prestigious exam. It is important to know what is to be studied and how it is to be studied. This direction comes in form of Class-room teaching coupled with Study packages. Comprehensive study material with graded problems is provided to the students. This helps the students in time management and takes the burden off them of hunting for text books.



The cell comprises of professional Counsellors who are well acquainted with the prevailing trend of the various examinations. The Counsellors from close relationship with the students and their parents and are available to discuss and solve any personal issues or concern which may arise. Their constant motivation and encouragement keeps the minds of the students free of doubt and fear.