School Projects

‘Erose’ has been providing its expertise through its IIT-JEE coaching programs to some very prestigious schools. The organization has a good track record in terms of result and services to many schools across the country to name a few

Delhi Public School, Bokaro Delhi Public School, Dhanbad Sanskriti School, New Delhi Delhi Public School, Faridabad
Gita Niketan Awasiya Vidyalaya, Kurukshetra Virendra Swarup Public School, Kanpur NTPC, Badarpur Delhi Public School, Dhaligaon
Oak Groove School, Mussourie Delhi Public School, Damanjodi DPS NTPC, Dadri Delhi Public School, Duliajan
Delhi Public School, Vindyanagar Delhi Public School, Digboi Delhi Public School, Guwahati Kendriya Vidyalaya, Duliajan
Indian Embassy School, Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) ********* Indian Embassy School, Dammam (Saudi Arabia) ******** Delhi Public School, Sharjah (United Arab Emirates) ********** Delhi Public School, Aligarh
MGN ,Jalandhar MGN, Kapoorthala SAIL SCHOOL, PATA Delhi Public School, Bulandshahar

EDUSAT ( PUNJAB GOVERNMENT) -The organization educated over 3000 students via Punjab government satellite education program for Entrance examination covering IIT-JEE, AIEEE,CBSE PMT, PUNJAB PMT & Punjab CET.


Grades XI – Two Year Course

Enrichment Programme for grades XI & XII for the year 2013-15 June 2013 to February 2015 No of hours: 600 hours Maths, Physics and Chemistry 1,50,000. INR per student for 2 yrs.


Grade XII- One year Course

Enrichment Programme for grade XII for the year 2013-2014 June 2013 to February 2014 No of hours: 300 hours Maths, Physics and Chemistry 80,000 INR per student.


Grades IX – Foundation Two Year Course

Enrichment Programme for grades IX & X for the year 2013-15 June 2013 to February 2015 No of hours: 300 hours Maths, Physics, Chemistry & Biology 75,000 INR per student.


Grade X – Foundation One Year Course

Enrichment Programme for grades X for the year 2013-14 Time Frame: June 2013 to February 2014 No of hours: 150 hours Maths, Physics, Chemistry & Biology 40,000 INR per student.

Any of the proposed courses is conditional to a minimum batch size of 30 students.

IITJEE/AIEEE Coaching Classes

  1. Erose shall organise and conduct classes for XI and XII class students for Engineering Entrances
  2. The program shall comprise of class-room teaching, highly organized and graded study packages for each subject, topic-wise test, enrichment, remedial classes and a series of tests on the pattern of Engineering entrance exams.
  3. The class-room session shall comprise of 300 hours of class room teaching for each batch (Subject-wise breakup and topic-wise breakup shall be provided.
  4. The class-room sessions shall be synchronized with the school studies so as to enable the student to derive maximum benefit for their school/board exam as they prepare for the competitive exams.
  5. The program for XII class student shall be completed by the end of Dec, 2013. However, they would be required to take up the practice tests after their board exams. The program for XI class shall be completed by the end of Jan, 2014
  6. The entire class scheduling shall be done keeping in mind the school academic calendar. The frequency of classes may be increased during vacation/holidays

We shall be pleased to offer and conduct similar proposal for the benefits of your students at your premised. We are confident that given an opportunity, with your support we shall be able to produce excellent result for your students

Highlights of the Course

  1. Our student teacher interactive sessions conducted in conventional classrooms provide extensive coverage of theory and basic concepts.
  2. The primary focus of teaching and training is to prepare the student to successfully solve both objective and subjective problems.
  3. Subject experts will synchronize their topics with the subject teachers of every level to enable students to prepare for their regular school exams and the entrance exams simultaneously.
  4. Under the guidance of mentors the students will prepare a study plan and learn how best to manage their time.
  5. Each session develops concepts through illustrations, exercises and problem solving.
    Regular notes, study materials, and assignments will be provided.
  6. Customized assignments allowing every student to learn at his/her own pace is an added advantage.
  7. Continuous testing and evaluation will be conducted to analyze the students’ performance.
  8. A comprehensive report, analysis and follow up schedule will be available to parents and students as part of our follow up and continuous evaluation plan.
  9. Meritorious performance by a student will be rewarded with a scholarship.


  1. Our objective is to bring together at one place educational facilities of the highest order for preparing students to compete successfully at the most prestigious entrance examinations
  2. This Academic Organisation develops skills in all subjects and demonstrates methods of improving achievement standards.
  3. The faculty is highly professional and dedicated with years of experience and is easily accessible. The students, therefore, enjoy personalised attention.
  4. A high staff to student ratio ensures close contact for monitoring the academic progress of students.
  5. Erose provides a perfect, pleasant and intellectually stimulating environment to its students.
  6. Instruction methodology includes difficulty classes, enrichment and classes, topicewise test, Periodical tests and Verisimilar Exam.
  7. Our Verisimilar Examination system is effective and is conducted on lines similar to entrance examinations.

At EROSE we value each chair and that is what makes us different from others.


The R&D cell of Erose is highly active and dynamic, It is constantly studying the ever-changing trend of various competitive examinations and evolving unique system of deviant courses to suit the individual requirements. The cell has incorporated innovations and radical approaches to modem education to ensure a smooth transition from the Board Examination to the Competitive Examination.

The faculty at Erose is a perfect blend of Academicians, Engineers and Professionals. These highly experienced and brilliant faculty members are guiding spirit behind the success of the Organisation. Their years of experience and skill effectively prepare the students to accept and prepare for the highly competitive examinations. The faculty also fosters an environment where the students are encouraged to sort out their difficulties and problems.

Erose has a distinct feature in dealing with the syllabus of entrance examinations. Faculty members specialized in different areas of Physics, Chemistry and Maths teach their specialized topics to the students. This ensures focused and specialised teaching and learning which is essentially required for entrance examinations.

We at Erose believe that teaching without testing is incomplete. Therefore, the specific needs and abilities of the aspirants are identified through the intense testing and evaluation system. The progress of the student is monitored through a series of ‘Unit Tests’ and ‘Periodical Tests’. Students are also subjected to ‘Surprise Tests’ to gauge the Exam preparedness.

An integrated approach is essential for studying for the highly competitive and prestigious exam. It is important to know what is to be studied and how it is to be studied. This direction comes in form of Class-room teaching coupled with Study packages. Comprehensive study material with graded problems is provided to the students. This helps the students in time management and takes the burden off them of hunting for text books.

The cell comprises of professional Counsellors who are well acquainted with the prevailing trend of the various examinations. The Counsellors from close relationship with the students and their parents and are available to discuss and solve any personal issues or concern which may arise. Their constant motivation and encouragement keeps the minds of the students free of doubt and fear.