The cell comprises of professional Counsellors who are well acquainted with the prevailing trend of the various examinations. The Counsellors from close relationship with the students and their parents and are available to discuss and solve any personal issues or concern which may arise. Their constant motivation and encouragement keeps the minds of the students free of doubt and fear.

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Personalised Career Counselling | 2 Sessions | 15 days review

Personalised career counselling is for those who want to gain awareness and knowledge of self by assessing interests, abilities/ transferable skills, values, and personality as they relate to career choices. Whether you are thinking about going for private sector, government jobs or creative job profile, what you require is appropriate professional advice to meet your career related goals. Depending on your career related needs you may want to learn about complete scenario from admission to job. Personalised career counselling will help you answer the following questions:

Why to Choose a particular stream
How to prepare for the entrance exam
Competition Scenerio of entrance exam
Walk the talk with a person ,who has recently cracked it
Top most colleges
The degree
Job Scenerio after the completing the degree



Erose Mentoring Program | 12 Sessions | 365 days review

Erose mentoring program is detailed career counselling program targeting students who are unaware of their own interest level. Sometimes choosing a career option is a difficult task as students are not able to cope up with daily requirements of the school academic system. As a result their performance and participation level in the school goes down. Many of us term this behaviour as disinterest and distraction from Academics. Our team has blend of both psychological and academic career counsellors who will work with the child for a period of one year. A roadmap will be prepared for the child for a year followed by a polite and personal reporting system to keep track of progress at school level and interest level. The counselling will help the child answer the following questions:

Why should I study in the school
How to identify , what is best for me
How to identify my own interest level
Self assessment and reporting tool to keep a check
How to Build a competitive spirit in me
How to cope with stress and pressure involved in cracking entrance examinations

PRICE: 15000 INR


Performance Gauge Meter | 1 Sessions | 5 days review

This is an exclusive assessment tool for students who have won the first battle of entrance preparation. The first hurdle in any entrance preparation is to to understand the right ingredients to crack the exam. Those students who are working hard to crack the entrance exam and wants to test their realistic chances to crack the exam , EROSE brings an exclusive performance gauge meter , where the students will be required to take an online test. The score of the test will be competed with students at national level. The performance benchmark will be ranking system at national level among other aspirants and predictive comparison chart with the topper analysis of last year.